VitaDAO Post-Auction Guide

Now that has concluded, VITA tokens are distributed to all successful bidders. Follow this guide to know what happens next.

First, go to the and connect your wallet in the upper right-hand corner. Now, either of two options will apply to you.

Check whether your bid was successful by comparing the Closing Price (on the right hand side next to the red circle in the middle) to your maximum bid which you can see at the very bottom under “Your Orders” at “Limit Price”.

Your bid was successful if your limit price is equal or higher to the closing price.

1. If your bid was successful

If you maximum bidding price was above the final clearing price, you are elegible to receive VITA tokens. Congratulations!

Step 1

At Wednesday, June 23, 18:00 CET, the auction closes and the status changes to “Auction claiming” and “Waiting for on-chain price calculation”.

If you were early, you had to wait until the on-chain price calculation has concluded, then you will be able to claim your tokens. At this point, this process is already finished.

Step 2

On Wednesday, June 23, 18:18 CET, the status changed from “Waiting for on-chain price calculation” to “Claim”. Click on “Claim”.

Step 3

Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Step 5

In order to see VITA in your MetaMask, you will first manually add the VITA token. To do so, first click on your MetaMask icon in the top right-hand corner in your browser. In the main interface, make sure that you have selected the wallet that you used to take part in the auction.

Click on “Add Tokens”.

Step 6

Click on “Custom Token” and add the Token Contract Address, which is 0x81f8f0bb1cB2A06649E51913A151F0E7Ef6FA321 (see also on ). The remaining two fields are filled automatically.

Click on “Next”.

Step 7

Click on “Add Tokens”.

Now, your MetaMask shows your balance of VITA tokens.

Important note: If you do not immediately see the amount of tokens that you successfully bid on, your transaction to claim has probably not yet been processed yet. Give it a few minutes or check Etherscan if there is a problem with gas fees. If it takes too long, you can speed up the transaction in your MetaMask.

2. If your bid was not successful

In case your bid was not successful, you get a full refund in WETH, that is . We suggest that you go to Uniswap v3, connect your wallet and either convert your WETH to ETH or instead use your .

The latter option allows you to acquire VITA tokens nevertheless with only one transaction, while the first option still requires the same transaction costs, just to convert WETH to ETH.

Since Wednesday, June 23, 19:05 CET, the pool of VITA on Uniswap has sufficient liquidity to allow you to trade VITA and reasonable conditions.

Before you can trade VITA, you will first have to manually add by following and clicking on “Import”:

Now, you can exchange ETH as well as any ERC-20 token for VITA, including WETH, USDC, and many more. If you would like to reuse your WETH, select WETH in the drop-down menu. For the cheapest fees, select USDC.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide on using Uniswap and setting up a wallet in the first place, see .

Thank you for taking part in VitaDAO’s genesis distribution event and see you soon on and our . VitaDAO is off to a great start and we cannot wait to get going. The real work begins only now!



VitaDAO is the world’s first decentralized intellectual property collective, funding and commissioning research into human longevity.

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VitaDAO is the world’s first decentralized intellectual property collective, funding and commissioning research into human longevity.