Dec 31, 2021

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VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 1 Dec 2021

The VitaDAO community has been hard at work this year pioneering the future of longevity research and IP-NFTs. These past few weeks have been particularly exciting! In this December edition of the VitaDAO Newsletter you will find updates on what has happened!

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What is VitaDAO?

Community News

VDP-16 Passed

Vita DAO VDP-14 passed!

VitaDAO VDP-15 passed!

VitaDAO VDP-17 passed!

VitaDAO stopped selling $VITA….for a few hours.

Fundraising at its finest via Gitcoin!


Article: Pay-for-Success Models

Article: Public Investment Yield

Blockchain for Science

Exercise Your Right to Vote

VDP-11: New 10% VITA Mint for Treasury & Strategic Contributors

VDP-18: Jonathan An- Towards Reversing Periodontal Disease using Geroscience

Help Build the Future on Longevity Research

VitaDAO In The Wild

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