Jun 18, 2021

7 min read

VitaDAO Launch Guide

💡 Be sure to obtain VITA only from Gnosis Auction


→ the VitaDAO Gnosis Auction will be open for bids from June 18, 2021, 6PM CET to June 23, 2021, 6PM CET

→ you will need an Ethereum wallet (no exchange wallet) with ETH for your bid + gas

place your bid as high as comfortable but pay the same price as all others

from June 23, 2021, claim your VITA tokens if your bid was successful

after June 23, 2021, you will also find the token for purchase on Uniswap — but be aware of fake tokens


How to place a bid for VITA tokens

Click the direct link above or, on the main page, click on the VITA auction with the VITA logo
Connect a wallet
Accept the terms
Click on “MetaMask”
Confirm in MetaMask
Click “Connect”.
Check that wallet is connected
Specify price
Specify amount (1)
Specify amount (2)
Place order
Confirm transaction
Track transaction on Etherscan
Check status (1)
Check status (2)
Check status (3)
Option to cancel a bid

Congratulations and good luck at the auction!

Steps to do after the VitaDAO auction

For detailed instructions on how to proceed with either successful or unsuccessful bids, follow this guide.


First, click on the puzzle icon to see your extensions and click on the needle icon to pin MetaMask.
Click the MetaMask extension icon in the top-right corner and, if applicable, unlock using your password. Then, you should see a notification within the MetaMask icon, signalling that you have a transaction left to confirm. Click the icon and a window should appear where you can confirm the transaction.