Say hello to Seasonal Governance

2 min readFeb 20, 2023

Want to get more involved in VitaDAO? ’Tis the season!

Our new experiment, seasonal governance, starts next week. This is an excellent opportunity to understand what we’re working on and start contributing!

Our first season starts on Feb 20. From Feb 20 to Apr 3, we will discuss and vote on goals, proposals, budgets, and form project teams. Project teams get funding from Apr 3 to June 12 to work on their approved projects.

What kind of projects?

VitaDAO’s goal is to advance longevity research and we’d like to support aligned projects. This season, we focus on projects that support our seasonal goals — to be revealed next week!

Who can participate?

Everyone and every background are welcome! VitaDAO community members include professors, researchers, students, and people who are just longevity enthusiasts.

New and old members are both welcome! We designed seasonal governance to be transparent and newcomers-friendly. No DAO or longevity experience is necessary!

Get started!

To get started, visit our discourse page on seasonal governance for an overview of the process, sign up for an account, and join the conversation!

Have questions?

Join our Twitter space on Feb 20th at 6 pm CET for a live Q&A, or just send us a DM!




VitaDAO is the world’s first decentralized intellectual property collective, funding and commissioning research into human longevity.