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Tokenizing Artan Bio IP-NFT

VitaDAO is tokenizing the ArtanBIO IP-NFT, a gene therapy project, with a goal of raising $300,000 for research advancement.

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In exchange, the community will be granted voting power to govern the IP, and participate in R&D decision-making and capital allocation.

For the first time, a community is coming together to fund and steer innovative research for a single treatment addressing multiple aspects of ageing.

ArtanBIO is exploring the promising field of gene therapies that could help address aging-related genetic factors. The Company’s approach aims to develop therapeutic candidates that could potentially suppress mutations that may drive aging. ARTAN is led by two entrepreneurs who have led advanced drug development platforms into human trials.

Meet the team

Dr. Torres, who holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from UT-Southwestern in Dallas, has previously co-founded ReCode Therapeutics, a clinical-stage genetic medicines company that has secured over $300M in funding. He now works as the CEO of CrossBridge Bio, an oncology-focused company focused on developing next-generation dual payload antibody-drug conjugates

Dr. Anthony Schwartz, a VitaDAO Entrepreneur in Residence, will act as the project manager for this project. He has founded at least 15 startups, primarily focused on autoimmune diseases and cancer, which have led to large financings and an FDA-approved product. He is also a lecturer at Johns Hopkins.

By decentralizing funding and intellectual property ownership, this initiative gives the VitaDAO community a voice in the research direction. Members will be able to vote on the governance of the IP, provide input on research priorities, and have a say in how funds are allocated.

It’s very early-stage research, but this community-driven model opens up an exciting path for democratizing access to cutting-edge therapies. All research must undergo extensive testing in pre-clinical and clinical studies to evaluate safety and efficacy before any treatments could become available.

The goal is to pave the way for more transparent, inclusive, and equitable medical innovation. By pooling resources and brainpower, we can work towards breakthrough solutions that could one day improve human healthspans and longevity for all.

The VitaRNA Story

VitaDAO’s initial support for Artan Bio, via a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA), has been to fund the design and validation of their engineered suppressor system (VDP-103) in cells with targetable mutations to confirm validity of the approach.

Artan Bio seeks to continue development of the engineered suppressor system beyond the initial project with VitaDAO to further the IP development, and further validate the system in animal models to support preclinical translation and establish a development candidate for use in clinical trials.

VITARNA Tokemics

IP Tokens represent membership in an IP pool containing the IP and R&D data attached to their parent IP-NFT.

The IP Tokens of the ArtanBio IP-NFT are denoted by the token symbol “VITARNA.”

The rights of VITARNA token holders are governed by the IPT Membership Agreement.

About the IPT crowdsale

The VitaDAO community is being offered an opportunity to further support the work of Artan Bio through participation in the crowdsale of IP Tokens raising $300,000 USD in support of the project.

The genesis VITARNA token sale will be a fixed-price sale with pro rata distribution, overflow refunds, and 12 month vesting.

20% of VITARNA tokens will be sold to VITA holders at a fixed price determined by an estimated budget of the future funding needs of the project for its next phase

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