Epigenetic Clocks: A Simple Lab Test Measuring Biological Age

Humans can instinctively recognize if someone appears older or younger than their age; so then, it should be apparent that many species, including humans, develop age-related changes at different rates. Chronological age, easily derived from a birthdate, can be associated with positive aspects of aging, an increase conferring gains in experience and knowledge.

At Home Biological Age Test
Image By: Victoria Padure

What is an Epigenetic Clock?

Image By: Victoria Padure

What are the Differences Between Various Clocks?

“As models of human aging improve, it is conceivable that biological age, as measured from molecular profiles, might one day supersede chronological age in the clinical evaluation and treatment of patients.”

- Hannum et. al (2013)

What are the Potential Applications of Methylation Clocks?

Is Rejuvenation by Resetting the Clock Possible?

What are the Considerations When Purchasing Tests for Biological Age?

Like genetic tests or other lab assays, epigenetic testing constitutes personal health information and can inform much about disease risk and personal history.

Final Thoughts on Biological Aging Tests




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